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Post  codec_abc on Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:13 am

I've got some problems using fryrender engine.
I'vej ust create a default scene : a sphere on a plane.
Then i set my environnement like i want using hdri lighting and screen background.
And finally i assign a matte/shadow flag to my plane because i want it hold the shadow of the sphere.

But when i render the plane is solid (meaning=visible but i don't want to) and hold shadow from the sphere (if i set it to visible to camera) or totality invisible and don't even cast shadow in the shadow pass (if i set it invisible to camera).

the thing i want is an invisible plane but which can hold shadow from other element like the sphere.

Any idea to fix that ?

I followed the tutorial about shadow on fryrender official website but obviously i missed something.


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